Kitchen remodeling can be a daunting process. There are a lot of moving parts when creating your new look within your home’s original bones. Technological innovations and advancements in energy efficient equipment can make decisions more challenging and often present a moderate to steep learning curve. It’s our goal to make your experience an exciting and rewarding adventure as we help you transform your outdated and sometimes “dysfunctional” space into your dream kitchen.

Still, we appreciate that it's hard to know which company to trust, not just with your hard earned money, but with the vision you have for your home. If you’ve been down this remodeling road before with less than desirable results, we can help. One bad experience is more than enough and we don’t want a repeat for you! We’re grateful to our clients for putting their faith in us and we work harder each day for the reward of their complete satisfaction and accolades.

At Better Builders we understand that a remodel is an investment, an investment that affects not only the immediate well-being of your family but also the future resale value of your home. For this reason, we are devoted to working with you to design and build kitchen spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also fully functional. We tune for your lifestyle, accommodate the diversity of your household – all the while thinking of sustainability for the future.

Better Builders has worked to breakdown, define and simplify this process.

First, we encourage you to develop and articulate a crystal clear picture of your vision. We devote ample time, pay strict attention and engage careful listening skills to this phase of the process. We want and need your full perspective – seeing from every angle and understanding in living color.

Next, we detail the options available to you in order to make that picture a reality. We’re straight forward with our clients – always – because nobody likes surprises. If we can address a challenge before it presents itself, engage creative problem solving, troubleshooting or re-routing for a solution - that puts us ahead of the game. For you, our customer - the mental, emotional and financial savings that this Eyes Wide Open approach offers is nearly priceless.

Finally, we help you mold your vision into a tangible and realistic project – that aligns the aesthetics, the functionality and the budget allowance that you have set.

Here's the value-added the Better Builders customer receives when they engage the services of our team for their kitchen remodels:
  • Personal care and assistance every step of the way. We develop a relationship with each client individually, in order to define specifically what they are looking for in a remodel, and how we can achieve it. We invite questions and encourage regular two way communications to keep each other apprised of the status or changes or challenges of the project.
  • Affordable service. We don't believe in a philosophy built on maximizing personal gains at the expense of our customers. We are not the most expensive, nor are we the least expensive. We charge an honorable price for the extraordinary caliber of service, craftsmanship and dependability on which we have established the Better Builders reputation. When we build, we do so with your interests in mind and work within your budget.
  • Versatility in design and product selection. Whether you're looking for cabinets, counter-tops, sinks, or specialty appliances, Better Builders is ready and able to resource and accommodate your specific needs.
  • Top Notch Trade Partners. In this industry, there’s a saying; “You’re only as good as your worst sub-contractor.” Sounds grim but it’s true. That’s why we work with only the most qualified, the most professional, the most honest and most reliable of Trades Partners. Many of these trade relationships have endured, survived and thrived through the best and worst of economic times. They’re still in business and so are we because they are the best at what they do. We can count on them to work with us side-by-side – performing in the customer’s best interest every step of the way.

Please call or email us if you have any questions, or if you want to set up an appointment to discuss your kitchen remodel ideas.