Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

When it comes to storage in a kitchen, it seems like there can never really be enough. Upper cabinets and lower cabinets are obvious choices, but what hides behind the cabinets and drawer faces can be an entirely different story. Here are some ways you can make the most of your kitchen cabinets, drawers and pantries with some storage and organization packed solutions.

Hidden in Plain Site with Open Shelves

Open face shelving provides plenty of storage space while also keeping everyday items within easy reach. This is a great option for someone needing a bit of extra storage who doesn’t want more closed off cabinetry. Beware of this option if you tend to collect clutter! Open shelving is convenient and modern, but also means everything is on display.

Maximize Counter Space

One way to free up countertop space is to hide away that clunky microwave. This common countertop appliance can easily be mounted during a kitchen remodel. Another idea is to create an “appliance garage” cabinet where you can store other common countertop devices like blenders, toasters and stand mixers.

Built-In Spice Storage

A well-organized spice rack can be a feat in it’s own. These days there are so many organization options available at the various storage stores, its hard to know which one will be exactly right for your space. Take the guessing out of the decision and plan to include a storage space in your cabinetry.

Coffee and Tea Station

When you’re on the hunt for that morning caffeine fix, having everything located in one convenient space is ideal. Whether you channel your inner barista and create and entire coffee bar, or just a designated coffee corner, make a caffeination station part of the plan.

Safe Knife Storage

Having a large knife block out on the counter can be an eye sore and a safety hazard all in one. This kitchen design included a designated knife storage drawer with a built-in cutting board as a cover as well. Safety, style, and convenience all in one!

Make the Most of Every Inch

That awkward corner cabinet can often be a major pain. Many designs make corner cabinets or drawers hard to access and they usually end up wasting some space. This special design makes sure that you are capitalizing on every inch of storage.

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