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If you’ve never been through the remodel process before, you may feel a bit nervous about diving in. Feeling uneasy is totally normal, and in fact, expected. Taking on a project of any size can be stressful. However, if you choose the right contractor to work with, these concerns should be minimized. The best advice we can give you is to prepare yourself. And when you work with Better Builders, we try to give you a crystal-clear picture of what lies ahead.

The Big Questions

Clients often, and understandably, have a million questions leading into their construction agreement. Can I still live in my house while work is being done? What happens if I want to change something? How will I know what phase my project is in? Is the work guaranteed? And the biggest question of all, how much will it cost? At Better Builders, we make it our goal to give you all the answers before you ever sign an agreement.

The Big Answers

  • Can I still live in my house while work is being done? Most often, the answer is yes! Construction is an inherently disruptive service, but we try to be as accommodating as possible.
  • What happens if I want to change something? Changing your mind happens! We understand that you may opt to change finishes, add more work, etc. In these circumstances we issue change orders. No work outside of the originally agreed upon scope will be done without a formal change order directly signed off by you and your project manager.
  • How will I know what phase my project is in? We work hard to keep our clients updated every step of the way. As a client of Better Builders, you will have a weekly in person meeting with your Project Manager to check-in. We also use a software called Builder Trend to maintain each projects production calendar. As the homeowner, you will have full access to the calendar for your job and be able to see what is scheduled to take place on any given day.
  • Is the work guaranteed? Better Builders offers a five-year warranty on any work performed per your agreement*.
  • How much will it cost? Depending on the “size” of your project, Better Builders will issue one of two construction agreements. A T&M agreement is issued for “smaller” jobs or jobs with miscellaneous items. These agreements often have an estimated cost, but ultimately you pay by the hour, plus materials and any subcontractors costs. The other type of agreement we issue is a Fixed Price agreement. In these agreements you are given a hard number and that is what you pay, pending change orders requested by you.

More Than the Money

Taking on a home improvement project is a big commitment. And people often forget to realize that it will impact a whole lot more than your wallet. Going through a construction project is stressful, especially if you choose to live in your home while its being worked on. To help our clients understand how the project journey may impact them emotionally, we have created a mood chart of sorts. When we are at a certain phase of your project and you start to feel a certain type of way, we often direct clients to look back on the mood chart and see if they are feeling how we’d expect.

The Remodel Process Pain Chart

If you’re at one of the lower points, it’s easy to see what you can look forward to and to prepare yourself for the not-so-fun phases of your remodel. Each dot on the timeline represents a specific phase of your average home remodeling project.  This version has been edited down – we can’t giveaway all our tools! Can you guess which phase each dot on the timeline represents?

As with any big project, there will be pain points along the way. We work hard to alleviate these stressors, and bare minimum help you be prepared for them. The decision to remodel isn’t easy, but the goal is to always feel like it was worth it in the end.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today! You can also check out some of our projects and ideas on Pinterest and Houzz.



*Please contact for more information on the specifics of our warranty.

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