The kitchen is usually the first room people want to remodel. People want to infuse their personal design taste into a high functioning and ergonomic room they will use to prepare food and to entertain and hang out in. Deciding on a plan for your kitchen can be overwhelming. Looking through kitchen design books and photos is an excellent place to start.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking through idea books:

Kitchen Layout/Design:

Think about how you currently use your kitchen and make a list of things you would change to make your new kitchen fit your needs better. If you have plenty of space but need more storage, adding a center island with storage space below and a high eat-at counter is a great problem solver.

Even if you have a good idea of what you want, sometimes there are barriers. Let’s say you currently have a range, but in your new kitchen, you want a gas cooktop and electric oven. You don’t want to discover later that there isn’t enough power coming into your kitchen for a separate electric oven. Taking notes on saved pictures and having questions ready, will help us solve difficult layout issues, and build you the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Appliances:

It’s a good idea to decide on appliances early in the remodeling process. Keeping with our example above, if you let us know what appliances you would like early on, it will help avoid problems later. Some appliances will require layout adjustments or cause you to have to rethink another element you desired. Subzero refrigerators, for example, are much taller than most.  If you really want a subzero, but you really NEED cupboard space, the space above your subzero, if any, will not be very convenient.

You will have your appliances selected before the cabinets, plumbing, and electrical work are installed.

Kitchen Storage:

Most people want all the storage space they can get. Stand-alone cupboards and pull out pantries are popular as are drawers inside of cupboards to make everything accessible. Cabinets in a center island is another way to increase storage. There are so many new cupboard and drawer accessories that even the smallest spaces can have plenty of storage.

When you’re thinking about storage, keep in mind the three primary activity areas and what you need near each one:

  1. The Refrigerator Area- It is helpful to have the refrigerator near an entrance point for easy access when your hands are full of groceries. A countertop nearby for setting the grocery bags on while you load the fridge is also helpful. Considering this space first will help you organize the rest of your kitchen storage space.
  2. The Sink/ Dishwasher Area- This area is the busiest and requires plenty of counter space on both sides. Trash and recycling, flatware, dishes, glassware, and cleaning supplies should be stored nearby for easy access.
  3. The Range/Cooking Area- Whether you have a range or a cooktop with separate wall ovens, you will want enough storage for large cookware, cooking utensils, bowls, and spices in this area.

Kitchen Décor and Materials:

Unless you’re doing a whole house remodel, your new kitchen should be in the same style as the rest of your home. A very modern kitchen will look out of place if the rest of the house is more traditional. Whether your style is classic, traditional, contemporary, or eclectic, remember, your design will be with you a long time. If you want your kitchen to match your quirky personality, be sure it’s not reflected in every design element. A general rule is; if you want something really bold or outrageous, select one thing like just the floor, only one wall, or an unusual lighting element.

Your choice of materials is vast and is increasing every year. It is a good idea to keep a folder of cut out pictures of the color and style you like when shopping for fixtures, faucets, sinks, hardware, appliances, backsplash, cabinetry, and countertop material. For example, there’s the classic granite or marble for your countertops, but you can also consider concrete, stainless steel, wood, soapstone, or the most durable, quartz, which comes in hundreds of colors and patterns!

When you shop for backsplash material, bring a sample of your countertop and cabinet material with you. This will help you choose the right coordinating color and design for your backsplash. Our design team can also help you make all of these decisions and manage showroom and sample viewings with you.

Finally, some things take more time than others. Make early decisions on items like countertops, backsplashes, and anything unusual or custom made. There will be at least 2 appointments for custom made countertops, one for the template to be measured with the cabinets in place, and one for the installation. It is not unusual to wait weeks from the initial order for the countertops to be finished. Some backsplashes can be installed at the same time as the countertop. However, if your countertop is a heavy-stone or a different material from the backsplash you have selected, you will have to wait until the countertops are installed. This might take an additional few days.

Enjoy your new kitchen!

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