What Builders WantWe were featured in the MBAKS Winter 2019 magazine! We were excited to share our must-have features for a home. For those of you not familiar with MBAKS (Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties), they put out a quarterly publication about all things building.

 “Million-dollar home tours. Innovative home tech tutorials. Ultramodern sustainability spotlights. Practical marketing advice for small businesses. Advocacy efforts happening right now that will change the way we build for the better. It’s all inside Master Builder magazine, the premier publication of the Northwest homebuilding industry.” – MASTER BUILDER MAGAZINE

This year, MBAKS is celebrating “110 Years of Building Communities”. Better Builders has been a proud Master Builders Association member since 2013. So, we were ecstatic to be asked to participate in one of the feature stories of this edition: What Builders Want by James Slone.

Natural Light & Green Features

For the article, Better Builders and seven other building professionals were asked what some “must-have features” we as builders want in our own homes. You can read our snip of the article below:

must-have featureWhile must-haves in a home depend on an individual’s personal styles, there are a few staple features we look for. Natural Lighting is essential and windows should be arranged to capitalize on natural light whenever possible – it’s an energy saving and aesthetic bonus. If you have a great view, floor-to-ceiling windows are a must. When looking to paint a home, zero VOC paint and interior finishes are the way to go. Using zero VOC products is one of the most important decisions a homeowner or home buyer can make. Not only does it help create a nontoxic indoor environment, it’s also good for the natural environment – we choose eco-friendly products whenever feasible.

We recently became interested in high-efficiency hybrid boilers and water heaters based on a recommendation by our trade partners at PRDG Architecture + Design. These tanks have a compact footprint and produce hydronic radiant heat and domestic hot water more efficiently than standard boilers and water heaters. These are a great option when considering adopting green design elements in your home, especially if you want to save money.

More Features We Love

After the article came out, we all got to thinking about the things we would love to have in our ideal home. So, I asked our Production Team and Owners to each pick one must-have feature or item.

Bill Babb, Owner:

Bill’s must-have is a large kitchen island to make the most of your kitchen space.

Pete Baughman, Project Developer/Owner:

Of every household feature, Pete’s most important must-have is having the laundry room on the same level as the bedroom.

Don Blanzy, Production Manager:

Don’s must-have was a tie between a hot water dispenser at sink and heated floors in the bathrooms.

Pete Perkins, Estimator:

Like Bill, Pete Perkins’ heart lies in the kitchen. Pete’s must-have feature is a large open kitchen that is open to the adjoining rooms.

Phil Faulkner, Estimator:

Phil’s ultimate must-have is home automation in every way possible. He already utilizes the Amazon Alexa and various smart plugs but would love to have his whole home under voice command.

Kelle Boyd, Production Coordinator:

If Kelle could have any home feature, she would want a luxurious outdoor living space with nana walls connecting the exterior space to the interior.

Chris Bergman, Project Manager:

Chris’s number 1 must-have is natural stone in the kitchen and for the hearth. In this case, “natural” means without epoxy. Think Carrara marble rather than engineered stone.

Kevin Huber, Project Manager:

Assuming he has a house with a gorgeous water view, Kevin’s must-have is a large deck for enjoying the PNW beauty.

See you next year!

And with that, our last blog post of 2019 is complete. We hope you will join us again for posts all throughout 2020. Thank you for reading!

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