Small Bathroom Remodel, Big Design

Designing the perfect bathroom to fit your style and needs can be a challenge. This can be especially tough when you are limited to a small space. A small bathroom remodel doesn’t necessarily mean a small project, and there’s still a lot to consider before remodeling. But, don’t let the limitations of size deter you from pursuing the luxury bathroom of your dreams. Here’s what we were able to accomplish for a client who had bold ideas for their tiny space.

We began this remodel in a 1950’s bare bones full bathroom, cramped into a 6’x8’ space. A full bath with a clunky sliding door, a pedestal sink and a toilet squeezed in the corner left much to be desired. The existing design had minimal storage, no counter space, and simply didn’t fit the homeowners’ needs.








The best advice we can give to someone working in a small space: if you don’t use it, don’t include it.

From Cramped and Cluttered to Bold and Beautiful

The first major change you may notice in this space is that we removed the bathtub all together. This young professional couple had a vision for their luxury bath design, and it simply didn’t include a tub. Opting for a curbless shower with a linear drain and glass shower wall. The shower wall was a good option for this space to avoid accounting for room a swinging shower door may have needed. Having part of the space exposed also helps the space feel more open.

Another way to help make this tiny space not feel as compressed was to use consistent finishes all the way around. By running the same tile from the shower space along all the walls of the bathroom, you avoid breaking up a small space into even smaller chunks. This imported smokey gray tile was the perfect choice for this homeowner’s vision. Paired with the blue granite slab features, the homeowners were able to compile some of the cultures, textures, and colors they had experienced in their travels.

A storage solution for this small bathroom was to install shelving. The floating teak shelf starts in the shower and runs along the entire back wall of the bathroom. Staying with the sleek and luxurious look of this bathroom, the shelving suspension has no visible bracketing. Changing the pedestal sink to a small vanity cabinet also gave more storage and a slight counter edge that the homeowners did not have before.

Finishing the space off with modern fixtures was the final step. With extensive electrical and plumbing modifications, we were able to install two Robern lighted medicine cabinets equipped with built in audio technology and Bluetooth connectivity.

Are thinking about tackling a small bathroom remodel and are wondering how to make the most of your space?

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