A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Pinterest vs. Houzz

So, you’re finally ready to start pursuing that remodel you’ve been dreaming of for years. Or maybe you bought a new home that needs some serious fixing up. Or perhaps, you’re ready to build your dream home from scratch.

I’m sure anyone considering a new construction or remodeling project has a million and one things flying through their mind. If this is you, you’re likely asking yourself, “Where do I even begin?”

Well, having a solid idea of where you want to take your design is a great start.

Some still opt for the old fashion method of cutting pictures out of magazines to create a physical vision board. And while I love a good craft project just as much as the next person, with technology, you can make this process so much easier. Which is why I would like to introduce you to Pinterest and Houzz.



If you’re one of the 300 million+ active Pinterest users worldwide, you are likely very familiar with this social media meets micro-blog platform. If you’re not so pin savvy, allow me to introduce you to the basics of Pinterest.Pinterest Logo

Pinterest is a “visual discovery engine”, designed to spark inspiration and keep your ideas organized and easy to find. Pinning is the verb used by Pinterest users everywhere to describe saving posts to their Pinterest boards. Pinterest has over 75 billion ideas ready for your pinning. Categories range from recipes, to fashion, to arts and crafts, to design and remodeling ideas.

With Pinterest, you can build a “Pin Board” for your project. Pin Boards are used to compile ideas of what you like for that dream remodel down the road. Having a visual compilation of what you want or styles you like, can make a world of difference in planning your project.



No, I didn’t spell “house” wrong, Houzz is a real (and awesome) website. Houzz started with two homeowners gearing up for a remodel, a stack of magazines, and a handful of referrals to home professionals.  Over time, they have built up a community of over 40 million users.Houzz Logo

Like Pinterest, Houzz is a place to browse and save thousands of beautiful photos. However, Houzz is specifically geared toward home design/remodeling. Once you create your Houzz profile, you can begin building “projects” and saving inspiration to them.

Not just a picture platform, Houzz also helps you connect directly with design and construction professionals. Not only can you view a home professional’s page for a portfolio of projects, but users are also able to leave a review of a company directly on their Houzz page.


Why You Should Prepare an Idea Board

House & Home Vision Board

Home Vision Board by Textile Designer, Lauren Lesley


To share some reasons why tools like Pinterest or Houzz are valuable, I turned to Better Builders Project Developer, Pete Baughman, and Interior Designer for Housewarming Seattle, Amanda Kratochvil.

A Word from the Pros

In the Better Builders project development process, a site visit with Pete is one of the first steps. During this first “eyes on” meeting, Pete walks the site with the owners. The purpose of this is to get a solid understanding of what the homeowners hope to achieve through remodeling. This is also when potential clients are trying to get a professional’s feedback on the feasibility of their project. It should come as no surprise that guess-timating the cost of a project is very challenging, especially when the full picture is unclear.

We understand that verbalizing your design ideas can be difficult, which is where a visual tool like an idea board comes in handy. “To keep it simple, a picture is worth a thousand words”, says Project Developer, Pete Baughman. “Having images that guide us in the direction of your design aspirations, helps us draw a much quicker connection between your vision and feasible design possibilities.”

When looking for images to build your idea board with, it is important to look beyond what you like and dislike. When developing your design, Pete advises, “when you look at an image of a design, you need to think about how the image makes you feel. Notice more than just the bits and pieces you like and dislike.” We are dedicated to providing a final product that you love, and every last detail will be considered.

Amanda Kratochvil, Lead Designer with Housewarming Seattle, finds similar value in platforms like Pinterest and Houzz.

“The design world is incredibly vast, and there is a style for every single person out there. When it’s time to make a change to your home, it can be hard to describe what it is you like, without having some sort of visual. Using a platform like Pinterest or Houzz to gather those thoughts and be able to see them all in one place, can really help define your style and keep you organized. It also gives you a solid platform for showing others and having them—your designer or your builder—accomplish your ideal style in your space. I especially love when clients have these ready for me because it’s an organized visual of their style and is a great reference for me as I’m making selections or planning out their space.”

Check out the Housewarming Seattle Pinterest profile here.


Making Better Builders Better

Do you have a dreamy Pinterest board or Houzz project board all about remodeling and design ideas? Leave a link to your idea board in the comments below, we would love to check it out! We are always looking for new ideas.

While you’re at it, leave a comment below with which platform you prefer and why.

I hope you’ll join us again in two weeks for the next Better Builders Blog – Thanks for reading!

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